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She put it nicely: smitten.
I am smitten.
What do I do now?
I just need to keep going with it.
My heart is going crazy.

do me a favor and listen to fleet foxes all day long.. just for one day, please.

speak up


found a journal from second grade. the way i interpreted life was interesting.

No date:

I like how my mom said that my work was good. She said that my stories were wonderful. And she liked my chew and swallow. She also liked my clouds and wind socks.  

i wish i still knew what a chew and swallow was, and what clouds and wind socks were.

poop foot.

poop foot and pee knees.

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i updated a new song on my myspace music. wooo music. it's called "hummingbird" go check it out wooooo.



i want to get a tattoo on my calf but i have to wait until i stop performing serious things.

it's 11am and i can't sleep later than that anymore. especially since i'm still on indianapolis time. bubba matteo needs to wake up. we have lots to accomplish in LA today.

don't run with scissors.

egg poops.

i only speed underneath the orange groves.

i'm in LA. it's great to be back. all my friends are beautifully talented and incredible human beings. it's good to see them all again. fuck.

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i have nothing to say.

i got a new macbook.

i am recording an acapella piece on garageband. i'll post it later?